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2018 LINK-BELT 250 X4 LF

2018 LINK-BELT 250 X4 LF at www.questequip.com2018 LINK-BELT 250 X4 LF at

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The X4 Series features innovative EPA Final Tier 4 engines from Isuzu that strike the ultimate balance between power, productivity and fuel efficiency. You’ll experience up to 10% improved fuel economy, with the added benefit of no costly diesel particulate filters (DPF) to maintain or replace. Three engine modes provide reliable power and control for any machine application. Choose Speed Priority (SP mode) to get jobs done quickly, Heavy (H mode) for the best blend of power and fuel savings or Applied Power (A mode), with 13 different RPM settings for precise control of heavy lifting, fine grading or leveling work.
• EPA Tier 4 Final
• No DPF system to maintain
• Up to 10% improved fuel economy
• 4-to-1 Diesel to Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) ratio
• Two-stage DEF anti-freeze system for protection in harsh operating conditions
• Optimized SCR Auto Regeneration intervals
• VGT Turbocharger

X4 Series Ultimate Productivity and Efficiency
Greater digging power, increased lift capacities and faster cycle times start with our exclusive UltiFlow Control Valve, featuring a 30% larger hydraulic passage area, larger spools and advanced controls to maximize hydraulic system control and responsiveness.

Our intuitive Spool Stroke Control (SSC) system monitors machine operations and responds with the right hydraulic flow for that application. Pilot pressure sensors detect the type of work being done—such as digging or leveling—and then relays that data to proportional solenoid valves that quickly determine the optimal hydraulic pressures and minimize unneeded operational functions. The sensor system continually monitors machine functions, and SSC is available in all work modes.

Two electrically-controlled Kawasaki variable-displacement axial-piston pumps and one Kawasaki gear pump assure that hydraulic power is delivered precisely when and where it’s needed. The result is more maneuverability and precision across all operating modes, smoother machine operation and improved fuel efficiency…with up to 8% faster cycle times.

Cab and Controls
The X4 Series offers the most advanced and roomiest cab in its class. Comfortable, automotive-grade high-back seat with head restraint provides superior lumbar back support. With a longer and wider seating surface, it reclines to a 65° maximum reclining angle to create a relaxed environment during breaks. Mechanical suspension is standard, with air suspension, seat tilting adjustment and seat heaters available as options.

The cab layout also includes ergonomically-designed arm rests that move with console, maintaining a constant distance between joysticks and arm rests no matter how the seat is adjusted.
• Quiet, pressurized cab
• Joysticks with easy to hold grip and switches
◊ Smooth performance with less resistance
◊ Handy “radio mute” switch
• Optional proportional joysticks w/auxiliary hydraulics control
• Cup holder and storage areas for cell phones and other small items
• Dual halogen cab lights standard
• Optional retractable rear window shade
• Optional front window shade

The High-Definition LED monitor has a full-color 7” display and rivals the resolution found in luxury automobiles. The controls are easy to see and easy to use. The rear-view camera activates automatically whenever the machine is started, and sight guidelines have been added for increased safety.

Here are some of the other functions the monitor displays:
• Engine coolant and hydraulic oil temperatures
• Displays fuel level, travel mode, work mode, attachment mode
• Shows fuel consumption history, per day or per hour
• Track up to 13 service interval reminders
• System/Machine warning messages
• Monitor SCR Auto Regeneration
• Select and set up attachments
• View machine information and working history
• Adjust hydraulic flow
• Easier-to-set auxiliary hydraulic pressure
• Auto-adjusts for time and calendar
• Anti-theft password option
• 18 languages available

X4 Series Ultimate Comfort and Safety
Safety was a primary design consideration for the X4 Series, both from an operational and service standpoint.
• Full time rear camera display
• Optional right-hand and left-hand side cameras
• ROPS and FOPS Level 1 certified, optional FOPS Level 2 head guard available
• Optional LED lighting available
◊ Choose cab-top mount or around-machine packages
◊ Exceptional visibility
◊ Improved safety for checking around the machine
◊ Offers brightness levels close to ‘sunlight’
◊ 3X brighter than halogens, consume less energy
• ISO-compliant guard rails and hand rails along upper structures
• Engine covers open towards counterweight, automatic stopper system and gas damper for safety


Operating weight
28.8 metric tons
Operating weight (lbs)
63,600 lbs
Max dig depth
47' 9" ft/in
Reach at ground level
59' 9" ft/in
Arm Force
9,060 lbf
Bucket digging force
17,300 lbf
Bucket capacity, SAE heaped, min-max
0.5 - 0.95 cu yds
Engine Make
Engine Model
Net HP
Max travel speed
3.4 mph