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2018 TAKEUCHI TB210R at www.questequip.com2018 TAKEUCHI TB210R at
2018 TAKEUCHI TB210R at www.questequip.com2018 TAKEUCHI TB210R at
2018 TAKEUCHI TB210R at www.questequip.com2018 TAKEUCHI TB210R at
2018 TAKEUCHI TB210R at www.questequip.com2018 TAKEUCHI TB210R at
2018 TAKEUCHI TB210R at www.questequip.com2018 TAKEUCHI TB210R at

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The TB210R delivers excellent performance in an ultra compact design. It has an impressive feature set that includes pattern change valve, pilot controls, retractable undercarriage, minimum tail swing, and a two post ROPS foldable frame. It is the ideal excavator for the most confined applications.

• EPA Final Tier 4 Emission Compliant
• Engine Preheat Starting Aid
• Automatic Fuel Bleed System
• Dual Element Air Filters

• Warning Lights for Charge Level, Engine Oil Pressure, and Coolant Temperature
• Visual Indicators for High Speed Travel
• 12 volt System with 40 amp Alternator
• Boom Mounted Work Light
• Hour Meter
• Travel Alarm
• Horn

• Double Flanged Track Rollers
• Hydraulically Retractable Track Frame
• Low and High Speed Travel
• Backfill Blade with Pin-on Extensions
• Protective Counterweight

• ROPS / TOPS Two Post Foldable Frame
• Foot Controlled Auxiliary Hydraulics
• 2" Retractable Seat Belt

• Pilot Operated Joystick Controls
• Tandem Gear Pumps
• Pattern Change Valve
• Auxiliary Hydraulic Plumbed to Arm
• Selectable One-way and Two-way Auxiliary Operation
• Pilot Accumulator
• Hydraulic Tank with Fluid Level Sight Gauge
• Detent for Continuous Auxiliary Flow

• Retractable Undercarriage – Allows this machine to travel through standard doorways and areas with limited access with ease.
• Short Tail Swing – Allows the operator to work in confined applications without concern of rear swing impacts.
• Two Speed – Features a convenient push button on the right travel lever to shift from low to high speed.
• Boom and Arm – Provides greater working range and features two way auxiliary hydraulics with shut-off valves.
• Powerful Traction Force – For excellent turning and travel performance in varying conditions.

• Top Mount Boom Cylinder – Helps protect the boom cylinder from damage from the bucket and debris.
• Wrap Around Counterweight – Protects key engine and hydraulic components from damage while delivering excellent stability
• Double Flange Track Rollers – Provide greater contact between the roller and rail for improved track retention.
• Protected Hydraulic Plumbing – All hoses for working equipment are routed through the boom and arm for an extra level of protection, and greater visibility of the work equipment.
• Spiral Wrapped Lines – Protect the blade cylinder hydraulic lines from damage due to rocks and debris.
• All Steel Construction – Protects components and ensures long term durability.

• Pilot Operated Joystick Controls – Deliver precise responsive controls, and are low effort reducing fatigue.
• Pattern Change Valve – Will allow the operator to choose their preferred operational pattern for greater efficiency and safety.
• Arm Rests – Fully support the operator’s arm for improved comfort.
• Dual Entry Points – Make it easier for the operator to enter or exit the machine from either side.
• Operator’s Station – Delivers excellent visibility and operator comfort while providing easy entry and exit.
• Convenient Grab Handle – Makes it easy to enter and exit the machine from both the right and left side.

• Unmatched Serviceability – Allows all key service and maintenance points to be inspected quickly and easily.
• Side Access Panel – Houses dual element air cleaner, fuel filter with shut-off, hydraulic filter, and fuel tank with sight gauge.
• Rear Service Access – Allows the operator to easily inspect the hydraulic oil, coolant level, and battery.
• Front Compartment – Provides outstanding access to the alternator, engine oil filter and engine oil dipstick.
• Selector Valve – Located under the operator’s seat allows operator to quickly choose one way or two auxiliary hydraulic flow.
• Lockable Fuel Fill – Is convenient and secure. A remote gauge is also provided for assistance when refueling. The system also uses a self bleeding system to provide easier restarts if the machine is run out of fuel.

Operating Performance

Operating Weight
2,370 lb (1,075 kg)
Max. Bucket Breakout Force
2,518 lb (1,142 kg)
Max. Arm Digging Force
1,439 lb (653 kg)
Arm Length
2 ft 10.6 in (880 mm)
Slew Speed
10.0 rpm
Traction Force
2,878 lb (1,305 kg)
Ground Pressure
4.1 psi
Travel Speed - Low
1.2 mph (2 km / hr)
Travel Speed - High
2.3 mph (3.7 km / hr)

Hydraulic System

Total Hydraulic Flow
5.9 gpm (22.2 L / min)
Auxiliary Hydraulic Flow
5.9 gpm (22.2 L / min)
Hydraulic System Pressure
2,680 psi (18.2 MPa)


Model / Make
Kubota / D722-E4B
43.9 cu in (719 ml)
Horsepower @ 2200 rpm
11.7 hp (8.7 kW)
Max. Torque @ 1900 rpm
26.4 ft-lb (35.8 Nm)

Fluid Capacities

Engine Lubrication
3.0 qt (2.8 L)
Cooling System
4.2 qt (4.0 L)
Fuel Tank Capacity
3.3 gal (12.4 L)
Hydraulic Reservoir Capacity
2.3 gal (9.0 L)
Hydraulic System Capacity
4.0 gal (15.0 L)

Machine Dimensions

Maximum Reach
10 ft 9.4 in (3,285 mm)
Maximum Reach at Ground Level
10 ft 6.8 in (3,220 mm)
Maximum Digging Depth
5 ft 9.1 in (1,755 mm)
Maximum Vertical Digging Depth
4 ft 10.0 in (1,475 mm)
Maximum Dig Height
9 ft 9.5 in (2,985 mm)
Maximum Dumping Height
6 ft 11.5 in (2,120 mm)
Front Swing Radius
4 ft 4.0 in (1,320 mm)
Front Swing Radius with Boom Offset
3 ft 2.5 in (980 mm)
Tail Swing (Slew) Radius
2 ft 0.0 in (610 mm)
Transport Length
9 ft 8.3 in (2,955 mm)
Transport Height
7 ft 2.6 in (2,200 mm)
Ground Clearance
6.2 in (157 mm)
Undercarriage Length
4 ft 4.2 in (1,325 mm)
Track Width (Rubber)
7.1 in (180 mm)
Undercarriage Width - Track Retracted
29.5 in (750 mm)
Undercarriage Width - Track Extended
40.2 in (1,020 mm)