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2018 TAKEUCHI TB216H at www.questequip.com2018 TAKEUCHI TB216H at
2018 TAKEUCHI TB216H at www.questequip.com2018 TAKEUCHI TB216H at
2018 TAKEUCHI TB216H at www.questequip.com2018 TAKEUCHI TB216H at
2018 TAKEUCHI TB216H at www.questequip.com2018 TAKEUCHI TB216H at
2018 TAKEUCHI TB216H at www.questequip.com2018 TAKEUCHI TB216H at
2018 TAKEUCHI TB216H at www.questequip.com2018 TAKEUCHI TB216H at

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The compact size and dual power capabilities of the Takeuchi TB216H allow it to work in a wide range of applications that may have limited accessibility, noise and clean air requirements. It is ideal for plumbing, landscaping, utility installation, interior demolition, and rental applications. Performance is identical between the diesel engine and electric motor, and the controls are the same regardless of operating mode.

• EPA Final Tier 4 Emission Compliant
• Engine Preheat
• Dual Element Air Filters
• Automatic Fuel Bleed System
• Electric Motor with High Voltage Connection Provides 100% Emission Free Operation and Full Functionality

• Multi-Informational Display
• Visual Indicator for Engine Preheat, High Speed, Water Temp and Fuel Gauge
• Function Keys Transition Between Hour / Trip Meter, Time and Alarm, and Contrast Adjustment
• Hour Meter
• Travel Alarm

• Triple Flanged Track Rollers
• Hydraulically Retractable Track Frame
• Automatic Load Sensing 2 Speed Travel
• Adjustable Width Backfill Blade
• Cast Iron Wrap Around Protective Counterweight
• 9" Rubber Track

• ROPS / TOPS / FOPS Four Post Canopy
• Suspension Seat with Fore and Aft Adjustments
• Auxiliary Hydraulics Controlled with Foot Pedal
• 2" Retractable Seat Belt
• 3" Non-retractable Seat Belt (optional)

• Variable Displacement Piston Pumps
• Cushioned Boom and Swing Cylinders
• Pattern Change Valve (ISO or SAE)
• Pilot Operated Joystick Controls
• Hydraulic Oil Cooler
• Steel Hydraulic Tank with Fluid Level Sight Gauge
• Primary Auxiliary Circuit Plumbed to Arm with 1-Way and 2-Way Operation
• Top Mount Boom Cylinder
• Hydraulic Hoses Protected Inside of Boom and Arm
• Long Arm with Integrated Thumb Mount
• Dual Pin Position Bucket (optional)
• Mechanical Bucket Quick Coupler (optional)
• Main Pin Hydraulic Thumb (optional)

• Electric Motor – Allows the TB216H to work in applications with zero emission and low noise requirements. It is ideal for indoor demolition, and working in and around food processing facilities, hospitals, and schools.
• EPA Final Tier 4 Engine – Is efficient and powerful for greater performance.
• Plug and Play – Simply plug in the TB216H to a 3 phase, 400-480v power source to use the machine in electric mode.
• Power ON/OFF – Is located on the rear of the machine and engages the electric motor in the on position.
• Pump Group – Both the engine and electric motors feature independent pump groups of equal displacement, so there is no loss of performance regardless of operating mode.
• Same Controls – For convenience the controls: key switch, throttle, blade control, travel levers, and pilot controls are the same for both the diesel engine and electric motor.

• Well Protected – Steel cover and bracing protect the electronic motor and other vital components.
• Cable Guide – Ensures cable is in an elevated position away from the tracks.
• All Steel Construction – Is representative of product quality and durability.
• Cushioned Cylinders – Increase product longevity and minimize shock to the operator.
• Triple Flange Track Rollers – Maintain multiple contact points with the track system minimizing the risk of de-tracking.
• Top Mount Boom Cylinder – Protects the boom cylinder from potential damage from attachments.

• Comfort and Convenience – The TB216H features a spacious operator station for greater comfort and convenience.
• Pilot Joystick Controls – Are precise, responsive, and low effort for excellent performance and comfort.
• Pattern Change Valve – Puts the operator in control allowing them to choose their preferred pattern, ISO or SAE
• Multi-Information Display – Is easy to read in all lighting conditions and provides the operator with key machine functions and performance.
• Adjustable Arm Rests – Can be customized to the individual operator to help to reduce fatigue and improve comfort.
• Four Post ROPS Canopy – Provides a high level of operator protection for greater peace of mind.

• Swing-out Motor – Opens to improve access to the diesel engine.
• Engine Access – With the electric motor swung out access is gained to the dual element air cleaner, fuel filter, engine oil fill, engine oil dipstick, and coolant reserve tank. Automatic Air Bleed System – Purges air from the fuel system eliminating a potential service call and makes it easy to restart if run out of fuel. Accessibility – The swing out panel allows for quick inspection of the fuel water separator and side-by-side cooling module.
• Lockable Fuel Fill – Takeuchi uses the same key for the ignition and all lockable compartments including fuel fill. The fuel fill also includes a sight gauge to keep from overfilling the tank.
• Grease Gun Holder – Is conveniently located on the right side of the machine making it more con

Operating Performance

Operating Weight
4,277 lb (1,940 kg)
Max. Bucket Breakout Force
4,250 lb (1,928 kg)
Max. Arm Digging Force
1,843 lb (836 kg)
Arm Length
3 ft 8.5 in (1,130 mm)
Slew Speed
9.2 rpm
Traction Force
4,361 lb (1,978 kg)
Ground Pressure
4.3 psi
Travel Speed - Low
1.4 mph (2.2 km / hr)
Travel Speed - High
2.6 mph (4.2 km / hr)

Hydraulic System

Total Hydraulic Flow
13.4 gpm (50.9 L / min)
Auxiliary Hydraulic Flow
8.9 gpm (33.6 L / min)
Hydraulic System Pressure
3,046 psi (21.0 Mpa)


Model / Make
Yanmar / 3TNV74
60.0 cu in (.99 L)
Max. Torque @ 1800 rpm
38.2 ft-lb (51.8 Nm)
Output Diesel Engine
14.9 hp 11.1 kW / 2,400 rpm

Electric Motor

Output Electric Motor
14.2 hp 10.6 kW / 2400 rpm
Electrical Connection
400 - 480 V/47 - 63 Hz / Fused w/ min. 32A

Fluid Capacities

Engine Lubrication
4.5 qt (4.3 L)
Cooling System
4.0 qt (3.8 L)
Fuel Tank Capacity
5.8 gal (22.0 L)
Hydraulic Reservoir Capacity
4.2 gal (16.0 L)
Hydraulic System Capacity
6.5 gal (24.5 L)

Machine Dimensions

Maximum Reach
13 ft 5.0 ft (4,090 mm)
Maximum Reach at Ground Level
13 ft 2.9in (4,035 mm)
Maximum Digging Depth
7 ft 10.0 in (2,390 mm)
Maximum Vertical Digging Depth
6 ft 9.1 in (2,060 mm)
Maximum Dig Height
12 ft 3.2 in (3,740 mm)
Maximum Dumping Height
8 ft 10.5 in (2,705 mm)
Front Swing Radius
4 ft 10.3 in (1,480 mm)
Front Swing Radius with Boom Offset
3 ft 9.4 in (1,155 mm)
Tail Swing (Slew) Radius
4 ft 4.6 in (1,335 mm)
Transport Length
13 ft 6.8 in (4,135 mm)
Transport Height
7 ft 4.8 in (2,255 mm)
Ground Clearance
8.1 in (205 mm)
Undercarriage Length
4 ft 11.9 in (1,520 mm)
Track Width (Rubber)
9.0 in (230 mm)
Undercarriage Width - Track Retracted
38.6 in (980 mm)
Undercarriage Width - Track Extended
51.2 in (1,300 mm)