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Spin Ace® excavators are packed with all the power, productivity and fuel-efficiency you’ve come to expect from us…along with a minimum swing radius design for better maneuverability at sites where workspace is at a premium. Thoughtful redesign of counterweights and boom placement makes them ideal for urban construction sites, traffic-restricted road maintenance, utility work or other jobs with limited maneuvering space.

Built with simplicity in mind, these excavators are no-nonsense workhorses powered by dependable Isuzu engines. Spin-Ace cabs feature wide, low-noise interior space, excellent all-around visibility and comfortable operator's seats.

The Link-Belt X3 cab is the strongest and roomiest LBX has ever offered. The X3 cab is ROPS and FOPS Level 1 certified and is designed to be strong and safe without sacrificing operator comfort. These improvements leave plenty of room to rest work boots on the two foot rests on either side of the travel pedals.

The fuel-efficient, powerful, productive, quiet and long-lasting Isuzu engine LBX uses in the Link-Belt X3 series meets the EPA’s Interim Tier 4 (Tier 4a) requirements by way of cooled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) technology and a diesel particulate diffuser system (DPD) in the 145 X3 and 235 X3. The DPD consists of a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) and a diesel particulate filter (DPF) for “passive regeneration” of exhaust emissions. The 75 X3 and 80 X3 are Final Tier 4-certified and are not equipped with a DPF; therefore, they do not require any regeneration.

A new variable geometry turbocharger (VGT), available on the 145 X3 and 235 X3, helps optimize the combustion process and ensures consistent boost pressure during low engine rpm’s. This maintains efficient machine performance and helps eliminate harmful nitrous oxides (NOx) from forming.

The X3 has three engine work modes to give the operator full control of the machine for the job at hand:
• Speed Priority (SP mode) is the fastest and most productive mode giving the operator peak machine performance to get the job done quickly.
• Heavy (H mode) is a perfect combination of fuel efficiency and productivity. It really is the best of both worlds!
• Applied Power (A mode) gives the operator 13 different engine rpm settings to choose from to easily fine-tune the machine to the specific job at hand. This mode is perfect for heavy lifting, fine grading or leveling work, and pipeline contractors use it to safely set pipe down into the trench.

The Link-Belt X3’s from LBX are equipped with two Kawasaki variable-displacement axial-piston pumps and one Kawasaki gear pump installed in-line with the engine. This is the most efficient hydraulic pump layout -- keeping engine rpm’s low while producing plenty of hydraulic muscle. The X3 uses an open center hydraulic system, which refers to the open passage in the control valve that allows the hydraulic oil to return to tank when the control valve is centered. This design gives the machine a much smoother feeling when operating and also eliminates excess pressure throughout the system, which, in turn, helps to conserve fuel.

High-Definition 7” LED Monitor
The Link-Belt X3’s from LBX are equipped with an all-new High-Definition LED monitor. The full-color 7-inch monitor is one of the largest in the industry and rivals the resolution and quality found in luxury automobiles. The X3’s user-friendly monitor panel includes an engine-idle shutdown option that safely shuts off the engine after 3 minutes of idling, conserving fuel. Another idle feature accessible from the monitor panel is the auto-idle feature that, when selected, takes the engine speed down to an idle level, conserving fuel while waiting for that next truck to show up.


Operating weight
8.59 metric tons
Operating weight (lbs)
18,900 lbs
Max dig depth
13' 9" ft/in
Reach at ground level
22' 9" ft/in
Arm Force
8,800 lbf
Bucket digging force
12,800 lbf
Bucket capacity, SAE heaped, min-max
0.24 - 0.71 cu yds
Engine Make
Engine Model
Net HP
Max travel speed
3.2 mph

General Comments

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