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Key Features
•80 USt maximum lifting capacity
•200 ft maximum length of main boom
•170 + 60 ft maximum boom and jib
•240 ft maximum boom and luffing jib length
•Power up/down and freefall on main, auxiliary and optional third drum
•Quiet, spacious operator’s cab
•Excellent visibility
•Two speed travel
•Superior transportability – 88,000 lb transport weight includes side frames and boom inner

Maximum lifting capacity
80 tons.

Boom systems
47 HI Boom with Offset Tip
• 200 ft maximum boom length
• 230 ft maximum boom and jib combination length.
• 47 HI Tubular chord boom, pin connected.
• 20 ft inner and 20 ft outer and 10 ft / 20 ft / 30 ft available inserts provide boom compositions in 10 ft increments from 40 ft to 200 ft.

46 HI Angle Boom with 4 sheave Tip
• 160 ft maximum boom length.
• 200 ft maximum boom and jib combination length.
• 46 HR Angle Boom, pin connected.
• 20 ft inner and 20 ft outer and 10 ft / 20 ft / 40 ft available inserts provide boom compositions in 10 ft increments from 40 ft to 160 ft.

Robust engine
• Cummins QSB 6.7, Tier3, 185 HP @ 2,200 rpm, 6 cylinder, water-cooled, fuel injected diesel with an intercooled, turbo-charger.
• 60 gallon fuel tank.

Environmental operator’s cab
• Designed to provide excellent viewing range and quiet, comfortable operation.
• 37 inch wide cab has wide curve windows on both top and bottom.
• Easy-to-operate modular and ergonomically designed controls reduce operator fatigue and increase productivity.
• Load Moment Indicator with interactive screen features as shockless stop system. Operator can select from three display modes: loaded condition diagram, rated lifting curve or rated lifting load table.
• Adjustable operator’s seat, radio, air conditioner, overhead window, sun visor, fan, overhead and front wipers and drum rotation indicators are standard.

Heavy duty carbody and crawlers
• Fabricated steel carbody is deep box constructed with square axles for the crawler side frames. Precision machined top supports anti-friction swing circle and multiple pass hydraulic swivel joint.
• Crawlers have high alloy steel tumbler yokes and rigid fabricated structures with sealed rollers.
• 36” crawler shoes.
• Travel mechanism is set within shoe width.
• Side frames extended or retracted by cylinders inside the carbody.
• Two travel speed settings – 0.8 / 1.24 mph.
• 40% (22⁰) gradeability.

Powerful, high-speed hoist system
• Identical inline, independent main and auxiliary load hoisting drums are grooved for 7/8 in. diameter rope. Line speed is 530 fpm, line pull is 32,400 lb.
• Each drum, including optional third, has power up/down and freefall. Load hoists are further controllable in stepless mode.
• Ample work space in front of the drums allows easy access for cable installation and maintenance.
• Internal expanding band clutch.
• 3.3 rpm swing speed.

High capacity, dependable hydraulic system
• Open circuit system has 2 variable displacement piston pumps with system capacity of 116 gpm.
• Hydraulic reservoir with 79 gallons capacity and 10micron filtration.
• Component working range is between -4 and 203⁰ F.
• Flip ip doors provide easy access to engine and hydraulic components for service.

Three piece removable counterweight
• Three piece pin connected counterweight can be assembled or disassembled easily within minutes.
• Hydraulic counterweight removal system is standard and utilizes the “A” frame and crane auxiliary drum to make the HC 80 one of the most transportable cranes in its class.
• Moves on three trucks with full boom and #9HL jib. Carbody sideframes and boom weigh in at under 88,000 lb. AT 11 ft 9.75 in. wide and 10 ft 2in. high, the HC 80 at working weight will transport on a standard lowboy trailer.

Options include
• Third drum
• Automotive type lights
• Hydraulic power take off
• Jib and jib inserts
• Luffing jib attachment
• Single sheave extension


Max Capacity
80 USt / 72 t
Max Load Moment
289 tm / 289 tm
Max Tip Height
230 ft / 70 m
Max. Transportation Width of Components
11.0 ft / 3350 mm
Max. Boom Length
200 ft / 61 m